Sunday, 26 January 2014

He told me to put on those cowgirl boots...

and so I did...

she wanted an adventure that night and so she got what she wished for. A long glance across the smoke filled dive bar enticed him to come say hello, 1 whiskey, 2 whiskey's, 6 whiskey's later their hearts were beating so fast to the rhythm of the night. It came in waves, a strong current pulling them back and forth, around and around. An energy that was nearly indescribable. 

He sang tales of Texas, she talked in giggles and told stories with her glassy eyes. They danced around the jukebox inside their own little lust bubble, sweating and grasping hands. "I'm going to push the boundaries tonight..." she told him

The alarm clock rang. She woke inside a Motel room, alone with her cowgirl boots. Last nights memories are locked inside those boots. She feels as daring as ever, picking at a thousand different versions of herself. Why not?!... you're only young once she muffled to herself.

photo story by Jason Lee Perry, model Stella Maxwell for Junk magazine


  1. I just discovered your blog and I'm so glad I did. Everything is beautifully written and so inspirational. Thank you :)

    xo Katie

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