Sunday, 26 January 2014

He told me to put on those cowgirl boots...

and so I did...

she wanted an adventure that night and so she got what she wished for. A long glance across the smoke filled dive bar enticed him to come say hello, 1 whiskey, 2 whiskey's, 6 whiskey's later their hearts were beating so fast to the rhythm of the night. It came in waves, a strong current pulling them back and forth, around and around. An energy that was nearly indescribable. 

He sang tales of Texas, she talked in giggles and told stories with her glassy eyes. They danced around the jukebox inside their own little lust bubble, sweating and grasping hands. "I'm going to push the boundaries tonight..." she told him

The alarm clock rang. She woke inside a Motel room, alone with her cowgirl boots. Last nights memories are locked inside those boots. She feels as daring as ever, picking at a thousand different versions of herself. Why not?!... you're only young once she muffled to herself.

photo story by Jason Lee Perry, model Stella Maxwell for Junk magazine

Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Beach Haze

she wakes up in a beach hut in Tulum, she hears the waves gently hitting the sand banks.  She pulls down the white cotton sheets, adjusts her floral bandeau that she fell asleep in and ties her wavy surf hair in a top knot.  Small trails of sand are scattered around the floor leaving memories of yesterday's festivites . "I have never seen the stars look so magical" she whispered to him "was last night a dream?" he give her a wink and she took a big gulp.

She wrapped her delicate white gladiator sandals around her feet and pulled on her rugged denim shorts. She skipped out of her beach hut, light, happy and free. These are the days she lives for, these are the days that make her feel complete.

Floral Bandeaus made by me, Fteroti Leather Sandals, Denim Cutoffs, Orbie Texturing Spray and Bumble and Bumble Surf Shampoo and Sea Salt Spray 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

C'est La Vie

When Christmas and New Years pass and January hits, I start to feel a new light and inside one of those new lights lays the anticpation of summer. There's no denying I'm a summer girl, the feeling of this season makes me glow and makes me feel warm inside. So to help me get through the remains of these winter months I've already started to think about my Summer Dreams.

Ever since I laid my eyes on Mirage magazine a couple of years back, the fantasy of the jet-set 1960's/70's girl has inspired me; Summer, Sun, Skin, Youth, Rebellion and Nostalgia... a girl with a touch of glamour, a girl who isn't afraid to bare her golden frame. This is the girl that's inspiring my summer thoughts.

Stone washed denim, suede, mini skirts, tees, touches of gold and leopard, espadrilles, a bodysuit to wear with her favorite levi's boyfriend jeans and those skin tight hot pants that hug you with so much love you don't want to take them off. Her toned golden stomach and tight booty makes her not ashamed to bare it all, and those statement sunglasses that give her that LA cat-eye glam look - like the Prism ones above... hide the rebellion in her eyes.

Hair will be messy, and wavy and skin super soft. I have been using Rodin body creme and love how silky it makes my skin feel. Around my neck will dangle a delicate gold chain that whispers "more than all the stars" by Laurel Denise on Free People right now.

This summer I'm all about Bohemian Futurism, the girl of your dreams projected straight to your heart.

Black and white images from Mill Mademosielle A/W look book shot by Henrik Purienne founder of Mirage magazine, top image from a winter drive up the Catskills mountains.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

It’s enough to say….

You know when you reach that point, the point when you put your hands up and say “wait the hell a minute”. I’m feeling that a million miles an hour. Like someone has put the accelerator on that thought and just wants to ride as fast as they can with it.

I’m testing the buttons on a few things; getting pulled in again to that magical mysterious world that I thought I had left behind in my teens.

Thoughts are running wild… one of them being what I want to transition my style to this fall; black tailored items with touches of fun, flirty feminine prints like the looks I've been seeing from the new Zara fall campaign.

Scarf Tophop, Zara Outfit, Lauren Wolf Pyrite Bracelet, Zara Outfit

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Free People's LA Designer

While I was in LA, I had the opportunity to visit one of Free People's designers that used to design for FP Beach and now purely creates a collection from LA, right out of her Echo Park home. It goes without saying that her style oozes the laid back, cool LA vibe, but it has a twist…  leaving you curious for more. There’s always a story behind each piece of clothing she owns, you just know there’s something unique about what she is wearing. I walked into her closet space with her, the bright LA sun glowing through her window. “I love LOVE rail stripes right now” and then she throws down her favorite pieces on her bed for me to get a feeling for her fixation. She’s the type of girl that gets drawn to clothes more if they have history or a unique aesthetic  detail behind them, not so much a designer name. She’s a passionate soul, a beautiful person intrigued by everything around her. A couple of hours in her company and you feel like you’ve drifted into another world that’s carefree, carefully executed, and cool. Here we show you her style, enjoy!

 These railroad pants and the Chinese kid shirt are my LA staples, I never carry a purse so that outfit is like a carry all. The railroad overalls I literally saw on a walk home one day and I was really confused, they were in a pile on the sidewalk. Walking around in LA always gets you magical finds, since everyone drives. So I took the overalls home, threw them in the wash and for some reason they fit me perfectly. Sometimes I think that’s a sign from the universe that your on the right path, when perfectly fit railroad overalls are on the ground waiting for you.

I am a drawer person and I’ve been here for only but 32 years of my human days.
I went to college at California college of Arts and Crafts and studied Illustration and Print Making
I will always be eating and drawing m’love
My favorite album of all time is Mary J Blige What’s The 411. Right now I’m listening to Wendy Rene, Donnie and Joe Emerson and lots of Dub, Big Youth, Yo La Tengo’s new album
My go to outfit is black jeans, white slick button up and lipstick
To get inspired I live my life and be so glad for all the things
My own self defeat and chocolate chip cookies are my biggest weakness
In my next life I want to come back as a ladybug
Beauty is an aesthetic choice/value
Growing up I was chubby
My favorite book is The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay and The Ordinary Princess
The best beauty tip I’ve learned is smiling with your eyes open 
I never go anywhere without my talismans
My sweet friends always put a smile on my face
My word is my most prized possession
Never being worried about tomorrow is what free means to me

Check out the full feature on the Free People Blog

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


LA is like a bubble, a bubble that you want to try and burst. We drifted through Silverlake and Echo Park like we didnt have a care in the world. That's what LA does to you...

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Fall 2013: Dries Van Noten

Going through the runway shows of fashion week is like a game. You scroll and scroll until you come across something great, something that catches your awareness. You end up clicking the ---> tab for an hour straight. Repeating the collection like you never want it to end, undressing every look down to it's final detail. This I did with Dries Van Noten's Fall 2013 collection. The proportions, the long and lean silhouettes, the lux-ness toned down with casual touches... a messy shirt teased a jewel embroidered jacket, slightly platformed brogues made cool ankle skimming brocade trousers, and woolen ankle socks played rugged with heeled shoes.

The collection was fresh and new, there was something about it that just put a massive tick through YES! Masculinity and femininity merged together in a whirlwind of fine brocade, sexy slouchiness, plus sized coats and my favorite silhouette for Fall 2013, tunic style dresses over ankle skimming trouser. Van Noten embodied classic in a sophisticated lux-grunge way.

"It's always the quiet ones you have to watch" said Tim Blanks and I couldn't agree more.